Our Mission

Our goal has always been doing our best for our clients. Our concept of beauty starts from Wellness and health. With this in mind we have created a Wellness Center with emphasis on maximizing your inner beauty and grace. To achieve this, we have a team of dedicated experts in Medical Lasers, skin-care, anti-aging, nutrition, etiquette, make-up, and photography.


This multi-specialty approach brings excitement to our center. Our clients are achieving their objectives while having fun in one user-friendly environment. We bring the latest technology in skin-care for aging skin, pigmentary changes and acne conditions. Non-invasive approaches such as Botox, fillers and Radio-frequency treatment minimize the down-time. All surgical procedures are minimally invasive and yet results are natural and long lasting. Continuous medical research allows us to improve our service constantly. Integration of Holistic medicine from the East further augments our results with Western technology alone. Our weight control program is one successful example of this approach. Our monthly seminars and activities regarding health and beauty have been for the staff and participants alike. We will continue to integrate art and its appreciation in all our programs. DSC looks forward to a bright future. We treasure your trust and will continue to serve you with our commitment for excellence.